The day has finally come! It's time to set up your brand new Custom Canopy Tent. Please follow the instructions below to get started setting up your tent. A PDF copy of these instructions can also be downloaded HERE.


Windy Condition: We recommend using our Spike and Rope Set or our Heavy Duty Sandbags. Both can be purchased individually or as a set with our Canopy Tent Accessory Package 

Heavy Wind: We do not recommend using your tent in severe wind conditions.

Wet Fabric: Let the tent dry before closing and storing. 

Cleaning: Use mild detergent and water.

Rain: Do not leave the tent unattended.


Step 1: Remove the canopy tent frame from the bag, standing it up in the area you would like to set up the tent.

Step 2: Have 2 people stand on opposite sides. Grasp two outer legs, lift off the ground, and step backward, stopping at arm's length. 

Step 3: Grasp the bottom of the diamond portion of the upper frame on opposite sides. Lift and step backward until the tent is fully opened. Be careful not to pinch your fingers.

1-02.jpg  2-02.jpg  3-02.jpg 

Step 4: If the Canopy top has not already been installed, do so now. Lay the top over the frame and secure each corner. Attach the velcro bands at each corner

Step 5: Engage the auto slider at each corner by pushing up with one hand while holding down the top of the leg with the other hand. The Snap button will engage when in the groove. Repeat on all other legs. 

Step 6: Lift two adjacent outer legs and pull out the inner leg until the snap locks in place. Repeat on all let's. Raise or level the tent using adjustment holes found near the bottom of each leg. 

5-02.jpg  6-02.jpg


If you have any further questions about setting up your Custom Canopy Tent please give us a call at (866) 586-3888 Monday to Friday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm PST or reach out to us via email SUPPORT@LOOKOURWAY.COM.



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