When choosing an Air Dancer, there are some considerations to keep in mind.
When choosing the size of your Air Dancer, please take a look at these articles about Air Dancer Blowers: How Loud Is An Air Dancer Blower? and What Size Blower Do I Need?.

In-Stock and Custom Air Dancers
Our In-Stock Air Dancers come in many different colors and variations. These will ship very fast, and you can expect them to arrive in less than a week. Our Custom Air Dancers give you the full creative liberty to make the Air Dancer design anything you want, but these will take longer to arrive. Please check out this article on Custom Air Dancers: What's The Turnaround Time On A Custom Air Dancer®?.

Click the following links to take a look at ourIn-Stock Air Dancers and at all our Custom Air Dancers.
Other Air Dancer Products:
There are a plethora of different variations of Air Dancers. There are Two-Legged Air Dancers and Air Dancer Costumes for example.
We also have Air Wavers as well, which have become very popular. These Air Wavers will continuously direct their left or right hand in one direction, and they are very eye-catching.
Lastly, if you would like our smallest and most affordable option of Air Dancer, please take a look at our Mini Air Dancers. These have their own small blower and are very collectible.

Please check out this article on the life expectancy of our Air Dancers: What Is The Life Expectancy For Our Air Dancers?.
If you have any further questions or need help placing an order, please give us a call to make sure your order goes accordingly!

If you have any additional questions about making a return give us a call (866) 586-3888 Monday to Friday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm PST or reach out to us via email SUPPORT@LOOKOURWAY.COM.


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  • Marsha Wiley

    How can I order an air dancer - purple/ gold


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